Hey! I'm Kye.

I'm a recent grad from MIT (course 6-2), a tech enthusiast, and an optimist with a passion for learning. Recently, I've been relaxing and working on this website. I'm always looking for something new to learn!

Now, I'm working as a full-stack engineer at Stripe, optimizing performance, handling frontend analytics, driving migrations, and working on other platform-shaped problems across a massive React application and Ruby backend.

Previously, I led the Logistics team for HackMIT, served as treasurer, then president, then WebTech chair of Maseeh Hall (MIT's largest dorm), interned at Microsoft and Stripe, and worked as an undergrad researcher at the MIT Media Lab.

I love being outdoors whenever I can find time — whether that means skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, exploring whatever area I'm living in, or just finding a spot outside to walk or sit down with a good book/podcast.