Kye Burchard

I'm a senior in EECS at MIT (Course 6-2), a tech enthusiast, and an optimist with a passion for learning.

Recently, I've been working on Politichat, optimizing Stripe's dashboard performance, and a new management app for my dorm's front desk (packages and check-in).

Previously, I led the Logistics team for HackMIT, served as treasurer, then president, then WebTech chair of Maseeh Hall, MIT's largest dorm, interned at Microsoft, and worked as an undergrad researcher at the MIT Media Lab.

I love being outdoors whenever I can find time — whether that means skiing, mountain biking, and hiking whenever I can, exploring whatever area I'm living in, or just finding a spot outside to sit down with a good book.

I keep meaning to start a blog, but still haven't gotten around to it. One day, more interesting content will live here.

Spring 2020

6.858 - Computer Systems Security
18.05 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
CS91r - Political Technology Research Seminar (Harvard)
6.UAT - Oral Communication
21M.361 - Electronic Music Composition

Fall 2019

6.172 - Performance Engineering of Software Systems
6.034 - Artificial Intelligence
18.06 - Linear Algebra
11.011 - Art & Science of Negotiation
24.09 - Philosophy of Science

Spring 2019

6.033 - Computer Systems Engineering
6.002 - Circuits and Electronics
6.036 - Introduction to Machine Learning
24.09 - Minds and Machines

Fall 2018

6.004 - Computation Structures
6.006 - Introduction to Algorithms
18.03 - Differential Equations 3.091 - Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Spring 2018

6.08 - Introduction to Interconnected Embedded Systems
6.009 - Fundamentals of Programming
8.02 - Physics II
CMS.100 - Introduction to Media Studies

IAP 2018

6.S080 - Introduction to Python
18.02A - Multivariable Calculus
6.S095 - Programming for the Puzzled

Fall 2017

18.01A - Calculus
14.02 - Principles of Macroeconomics
8.01 - Physics I
4.A22 - Physics of Energy


Politichat is a queue-style video chat platform where constituents can virtually line up to speak with a candidate, allowing candidates to have personal, virtual conversations that support their campaigns. We fill the technology gap between large, impersonal livestreamed virtual rallies and low-throughput, high-impact individual conversations.

Check out our homepage here. Originally a project for CS91r at Harvard.


HackMIT 2019

Hack for a reason!
Come join other passionate hackers, find your inspiration, and pursue your ideas from September 14-15!

As head of Logistics for HackMIT 2019, I've poured my life and soul into making this event - MIT's largest hackathon - the best it can possibly be.

Check out our website here.


Originally conceived as the final project for 6.08, the StreetSmarts system is capable of fully facilitating communication between street lamps across the city, emergency providers, and a web interface.

In an emergency situation, first responders are immediately notified of the location and quickest route via the responder module. Within a few seconds street lamps along that route begin to flash red, signaling drivers to move aside and providing visual directions to the first responders, removing the need for slow GPS or perfect knowledge of the city.

Learn more about the project here

Blueprint 2019

Blueprint is a weekend-long learnathon and hackathon for local high school students held at MIT's campus. It gives them the opportunity to learn from MIT students, make new friends, and build something cool! Blueprint is organized by HackMIT, the same group that runs MIT's largest hackathon.

As part of the HackMIT Dev and Logistics team, I contributed significantly to the development of the Blueprint 2019 website and to the event itself.

Check out the website here.

Microsoft Garage

During the summer of 2019, I worked as a software engineering intern at Microsoft Garage in Redmond!

Rhythm Badge Project

During the 2018 summer, I worked in the Human Dynamics group at the MIT Media Lab on a project called Rhythm Badges. We ran a study on around 80 participants, collecting data on their location and communication during their time at the Delta V accelerator, part of MIT's Martin Trust Center.

As an undergraduate research assistant, it was my responsiblity to analyze the daily data for compliance, combine it daily survey data, and determine the appropriate reward for each participant. Additionally, I developed a processing pipeline that turned the raw JSON files into easily analyzable dataframes, and stored them in a highly compressed, efficient format.

Read more about the Rhythm Badges project here


Bringing the digital revolution to brick and mortar stores — Shoppy leverages Apple's ARKit to allow the busy urban shopper to simply point their phone at an item, place it in the basket, and leave. See a demo of the mobile app here.

Additionally, Shoppy leverages bluetooth beacons in-store to provide real-time analytics to stores, at a finer grain than ever before was possible. Learn exactly where and when customers add to basket, when they put things back, or even show customers customized location-aware in-store promotions. Learn more about this project here.

2nd place, "Digital Retail" track at Junction 2018